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Help Desk Faculty: MS Teams

Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is a collaborate chat-based workspace that brings together people, content and conversations.

The MS Teams Application can be found on your MCC computer. 

You can also download the application from Microsoft for your personal computer or mobile device by visiting the appropriate Play Store.

How To Request an MS Teams

Simply send an email to to create an MCC IT Helpdesk ticket.

Within the email please identify the following items:

  • Desired name of the MS Teams
  • Identify who will be administrator of the Teams (name & email address).  This can be multiple people if you so chose.
  • Participants of the team (names & email addresses).  If you don't know the complete list of names at this time, that is not a problem, MS Team administrator(s) can easily add or remove people to and from their MS Team as needed.


What is MS Teams?

Here's some helpful guides to learn about MS Teams & what it can do for you.

A beginner's Guide to MS Teams in O365

MS Teams - Tutorial in 10 Minutes - start at 3:15 for those items that are applicable.   (MS Teams are created by sending request to the MCC IT Helpdesk so first 3:15 is not applicable.)

MS Teams - Top 20 Tips & Tricks

Creating a Private Channel


Within MS Teams, access the Team to add the Private Channel to.

Then click on the 3 dots to the left of the MS Team name and select Add Channel.

Step #1:  Create a name for the Private Channel

Step #2:  Change the Privacy setting to PRIVATE.

Click the ADD button.

CCSNH Link Info

This info can also be found on Canvas in the CCSNH Resources; CCSNH Faculty Resources.

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