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Help Desk Faculty: COVID-19 & Access from Off Campus


MCC students are eligible to receive the Adobe Creative Cloud for Education Licensing which provides a 60% discount from standard Adobe Licensing.

Students taking a class which requires Adobe software have the choice of purchasing a personal education license (see link above) to use on their personal computer OR visit the Library/Learning Commons & use any of the student computers where the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is available for free. 

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is also available in all MCC computer labs which incorporate the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite in their class curriculum..

Simply use your EasyLogin email address ( & password when authenticating.

Common Adobe questions & answers for Students & Teachers can be found at the following links:

AutoCAD Licensing

Autocad is offering free licenses during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Check out   

This is available to both faculty and students. 

Make sure when installing that you use your CCSNH emails ( and and you affiliate with Manchester Community College.

Using an MCC Laptop Off Campus?

EasyLogin Password Changes  Some of you may to be required to change your EasyLogin password while we are working off campus.  Please be aware that changing your EasyLogin password will automatically change it for EasyLogin supported all applications (EasyLogin, Email, Canvas, SIS, Banner, etc) but it will NOT change the password that you use to sign onto your laptop or computer.  Your laptop/computer log in password will not change until you return to campus; physically connect your MCC laptop/computer to the MCC network on campus & login.   This has been known to cause confusion in the past so please be aware.

MCC Faronics Anti-Virus Licensing Change – MCC is changing it’s Faronics Anti-Virus licensing from server based (applied via on campus network connection only) to cloud based (applied via internet) so that everyone with an MCC issued laptop or computer will have the most up-to-date anti-virus protection whether you work on campus, in the local coffee shop (we can only hope) or in the comfort of your own homeAdnan will be contacting all employees with an MCC laptop to update your anti-virus licensing.  If you haven’t heard from him yet, then you should shortly.

MCC Laptop Wi-fi should be fully functional.    We did issue a few laptops that had old wi-fi drivers installed which we needed to address.  We think we contacted everyone in this group.  But if anyone is experiencing any issues connecting to wi-fi with their laptop, contact us ( ) and we’ll get this fixed.

OneDrive Storage

EVERYONE at MCC has OneDrive storage for use both on & off campus.  Check out the document below for details on how to log onto your OneDrive and tips for using it.


  • Information & data stored within OneDrive and the sharing of this data must comply with CCSNH System Policy 562.06 Information Security Policy.
  • CCSNH is unable to restore files accidentally deleted from the OneDrive. Instead, all users have the ability to restore deleted files from their OneDrive Recycle Bin for 30 days. After the 30 days, are gone and not restorable.

MS Teams

Many departments have requested an MS Teams Team to use for easy chat style communications & sharing documents with the employees in their area.  While not being used yet in the Instructor/Student setting, it is a great tool for departments to easily communicate and share items with their employees. 

Check out the YouTube videos Learn Microsoft Teams in 7 minutes and Microsoft Teams tips and tricks for working from home during Coronavirus – a one hour video but incredibly informative.  

If you are interested, you can request a team in MS Teams by sending an email to

Identify who will be the owner of the team and the name of the team – it will need to begin with “MCC” .  The MCC Helpdesk will coordinate with the Chancellor’s Office for setup.  Once it’s setup, add in your employees and away you go.

Access Options:

  • To access from any browser, go to the MS Teams Website and sign-in with your ccsnh email address & easylogin password.
  • To use the Microsoft Teams application on your personal device, download the application from your ccsnh webmail account (see Free O365 channel within the Email & Storage Options tab) or thru your device's Play Store.  Sign-in using your ccsnh email address & easylogin password.
  • To use the Microsoft Teams application on an MCC computer, send an email to and the MCC Helpdesk will be happy to remotely install the application for you.

Remote Support Calls

In the event that someone from the MCC Helpdesk does need to connect to your laptop to provide technical support, we will set a specific appointment date & time with you and also request a contact phone number to contact you at.    At the time of your appointment, your laptop needs to be powered on, connected to the internet (hopefully) & you need to be on stand-by available to answer questions.   Amazingly, the MCC Helpdesk is not able to remotely power on your laptops in order to provide support.   So if an appointment is scheduled, your laptop is not on and we are unable to contact you, we’ll wait 15 minutes (same as students waiting for their instructor in class) and then we’ll move onto the next request/problem in our queue.  At that point, your appointment will need to be rescheduled to a future date & time. 

Laptop Best Practices

  • Make sure to plug in your laptop daily to recharge.  A full battery means a happy laptop.
  •  Make sure to restart your laptop at least once a week.  It enables the laptop to reset all systems and automatically apply all Microsoft updates which may have been pushed to your laptop during the week. 
  • If you’re experiencing slow process speeds or if your screen is dim, are you running on battery?  If so, plug it in!
  • Using the VPN?  Disconnect from it nightly once you’ve finished working.  We have found that if you don’t disconnect, you may need to connect; disconnect; reconnect the next morning which is irritating and not a great way to start your work day.
  • When you are not using it, make sure that your laptop is locked and not accessible to others in your household.    This is your laptop, issued to you for MCC related job tasks & should not be used by other household members.
  • Do not stack items on top of your closed laptop.  The laptop screens are easily damaged if too much weight is stacked upon them.  The basic rule of thumb is the weight on top of the ­laptop should be no more than the weight of the laptop – picture 2 laptops stacked on top of one another – that’s the weight limit.

Mapped to an MCC Computer?

If you've been mapped to an MCC Computer to access certain software, please use the instructions below.

COVID-19 Off Campus Internet Options


Are you using home internet?  If so, trying connecting directly to your home router using a network cable.

Check out  Plug in your zip code and search for all the free xfinity wi-fi spots in your area. 

T-Mobile has also made changes during the pandemic - check out their opportunities at T-Mobile COVID-19 Update.

Check with your cellphone vendor.  Many cellular vendors are offering hotspot deals for students  & educators who have cellphones capable of supporting hotspots.   So call your cellphone provider and see if there any free or low cost hotspot options for you.


Hardware Available for Off Campus Use

In preparation for the campus closure due to COVID-19, The Helpdesk has items are available for you to use:

  • WebCams
  • Headsets
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Monitors & Docking Stations
  • Document Cameras (Not sure what this is?  Check out
  • In addition, if your personal computer fails or insufficient for your assigned work tasks, we still have a few encrypted laptops for employees.

And, if you have any students who are lacking technology, make sure you contact the MCC Helpdesk as well.  We purchased a small batch of loaner laptops for students that will support all the software offered by MCC's various teaching departments.

Interested?  Contact the Helpdesk by sending an email to and we'll work on getting the appropriate approvals (if needed) and coordinate a meeting time to get you the equipment you need.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

For those of you who require access to the shared drives (G, H, or a departmental drive) or who need access to Banner Student or Banner Finance, VPN access is required.   If you are only accessing Canvas, Email and other MCC software applications supported by EasyLogin, then VPN access is NOT needed.   

The Chancellor's Office requires every MCC Employee who receives VPN access to only use an MCC issued encrypted computer to connect using the VPN software.  Please refer to the MCC Policy - Off Campus Equipment Policy which outlines the requirements for taking equipment off campus.  This policy is included below and is also on the G shared Drive; Policies and Procedures Folder.

To request VPN access, complete the form below, take a picture of it and email it to  On your behalf, the MCC Helpdesk will work thru the approval process including providing you with an MCC issued laptop if that is needed.

We did have some issues in mid-March when everyone first left campus but now everyone who has VPN access should be able to connect without issue.  If anyone is still having an issue, please send an email to to report the problem and we’ll get that issue resolved for you.

If you have the VPN & are connected but missing your H drive - Contact us ( ) and we’ll get that mapped on your laptop for you.

Zoom Video Conferencing

All CCSNH faculty, staff and students now have access to a Zoom pro licensed account.  To receive your licensed account please log into Zoom with your CCSNH credentials by following the instructions below.

Note to Faculty: If you want to access Zoom through Canvas you should first log into Zoom to activate your account by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to
  1. Click Sign In

  1. On the CCSNH EasyLogin page, enter your CCSNH credentials (EasyLogin Username & Password; do not use your full CCSNH email address)

If you have any issues please contact your local IT help desk by sending an email to or by calling 206-8080.

Check out the document recently provided by the Chancellor’s Office 9 Steps you can take to prevent "Zoombombing" for steps on how to make your Zoom Meetings more secure. Not sure how to use Zoom?

Check out this basic YouTube video Zoom Basics - Using Zoom for Classes and Meetings, it also focuses on working from home during Coronavirus.

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