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Help Desk Faculty: SIS

SIS Info

The Student Information System (SIS) is available to all.

  • Update your Personal Email Address(es).
  • For instructors, view your class lists, find email for individual students or the entire class, enter grades, etc.
  • For advisors, view pertinent data about the students you are advising.
  • Access Degree Audit.

Logging in with EasyLogon Credentials

When logging in using your EasyLogin Username and Password, use the SIS link at

Username = EasyLogin Username

Password = EasyLogin Password

How do I get to SIS - the Student Information System

The direct link to SIS is

The main route to get to your SIS account without bookmarking the specific URL is to use the Quick Links dropdown menu above, which is found on any page of the MCC website.

Look for Student Info. System (SIS)

Forgot your SIS Password? It's your EasyLogin Password.

If your password has expired, simply try logging in with your EasyLogin username and current password.   Make sure the Domain is set to SYSTEM.

If you've forgotten your EasyLogin password, go to the EasyLogin Portal at and click on the Reset Password link. 

  • Provide your EasyLogin Username and Domain = SYSTEM. 
  • Answer the Security Questions.  (Sending a code to your personal email address will be coming soon!)
  • Complete the steps and setup a new password

CCSNH EasyLogin Password Policy Changes - effective 04/03/2020

The following is an excerpt from a CCSNH IT Notification received on April 3rd:

To All CCSNH Faculty and Staff,

Effective immediately, the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) will be implementing a new password policy to align with current industry standards.  The new, low impact policy will apply to all CCSNH EasyLogin accounts which are used to access Canvas, Email, SIS, Library Services, etc.  This new policy, which is the same as introduced to Students earlier this year, will extend your current password expiration from 4 months to 12 months.  When it comes time to change your password on the next scheduled rotation, passwords must be 14-64 character without any complexity (for example, your password can be all lowercase) and no limits on special characters.  Email reminders to change your password will start at least four weeks prior to your expiration date.

If you have already received a notification that your password is expiring and need to change it, that can be ignored until the next email notifications you get 8 months from now.

While you can use any combination of letters, recent research shows using passphrases instead of traditional passwords are more secure and easier to remember.  Here's an article published by the Washington Post which explains the different between passwords and passphrases:


Thank you,

CCSNH IT Support


Still Having Trouble?

If you have any problems with SIS, submit an IT Helpdesk ticketcall the Helpdesk at (603) 206-8080 or visit the IT Helpdesk in Library.

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