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Help Desk Faculty: Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Overview

MCC offers two different Wi-Fi Options for the MCC Community.

CCSNH for Students, Faculty & Staff

CCSNH GUEST for the Local Community, Guests & Visitors

Wi-Fi Using EasyLogin Credentials

For Students, Staff & Faculty
  • Connect to the CCSNH Wi-Fi
  • Use your EasyLogin Credentials (Username & Password)

General Standard Settings

  • CA Certification - Don't Follow
  • IP Settings - DHCP
  • Proxy Setting = None
  • Security Mode - WPA2 PSK

What's my Wi-Fi Username & Password

  1. Your CCSNH Wi-Fi username is your EasyLogin username.
  2. Your CCSNH Wi-Fi password is your EasyLogin password.

You can find your EasyLogin username and password information in SIS - Student Information System ("Personal Information" tab, then "Student EasyLogin Information" link

Wi-Fi For Guests

For Guests of the Campus
  • Connect to the CCSNH-Guest Wi-Fi
  • Use a valid email address, last name and first name

Receive Access For 24 Hours.

General Standard Settings

  • CA Certification - Don't Follow
  • IP Settings - DHCP
  • Proxy Setting = None
  • Security Mode - WPA2 PSK


COVID-19 Off Campus Internet Options


Are you using home internet?  If so, trying connecting directly to your home router using a network cable.

Check out  Plug in your zip code and search for all the free xfinity wi-fi spots in your area. 

T-Mobile has also made changes during the pandemic - check out their opportunities at T-Mobile COVID-19 Update.

Check with your cellphone vendor.  Many cellular vendors are offering hotspot deals for students  & educators who have cellphones capable of supporting hotspots.   So call your cellphone provider and see if there any free or low cost hotspot options for you.


Helpful Hints & Best Practices

When your EasyLogin Password expires and requires you to re-log onto the CCSNH Wi-Fi, easily reconnect to the CCSNH Wi-Fi by

  1. Access your Wi-Fi settings
  2. Select the CCSNH Wi-Fi
  3. Select the Forget option to clear the cached EasyLogin password.
  4. Select the CCSNH Wi-Fi again.
  5. Select the Connect option to login using your EasyLogin username and new EasyLogin password.

Problems connecting to WiFi

If you have any problems with connecting to Wi-Fi or have a question, submit an IT Helpdesk ticketcall the Helpdesk at (603) 206-8080 or visit the IT Helpdesk in Library.

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