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IT: MFA - Multi Factor Authentication

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Multi Factor Authentication Announcement (5/9/2022)


In order to protect CCSNH’s systems and data, and retain our cyber security liability insurance, the Chancellor’s Office implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) at CCSNH & all NH community colleges. Attempted data breaches are occurring at an alarming rate and are becoming increasingly complicated. The information stolen can include PII, usernames, and passwords. Passwords alone are no longer sufficient to protect critical data. Adding MFA will help remediate the risk of attack and data loss. MFA credentialing is used frequently for many personal tasks you likely perform online already, such as banking.

 MFA will be a second authentication credential in addition to the traditional Easylogin username and password you currently use. If you access CCSNH systems (such as Banner, Canvas, SIS, Email, ZOOM, and others) or M365 (word, excel, outlook, etc.), you will be required to use MFA. Once MFA is introduced you will need to authenticate on a regular basis, for example, every 12 hours for web-based applications or if a new browser session is initiated.  Applications such as Outlook, Word, Teams, etc. installed on a desktop will prompt for MFA every 90 days.

Additional communication, instructions, and FAQs will be shared with students over the next few days.  On August 8th, 2022, all students will need to register for a device to receive the MFA credentials.  Everyone will then use MFA credentials each time they access CCSNH systems.  

If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk at or by calling 603-206-8080.

Visual image of multi-factor authenticaion process.   First, login with EasyLogin username and password.  Second - request and receive secondary code.  Final step - gain access to application.

MFA - Change to Other Verification Method

MFA - Reduce Number of Times to Verfiy

MFA - Update/Change MFA Settings

Setting Up Multifactor Authentication - FIRST TIME


Click on the document link above for detailed step-by-step instructions.



OKTA Authentication

Everyone will be prompted to complete a quick, one-time registration process when logging onto Canvas, SIS, Student or Web-based email, Student Navigate, etc for the very first time (after claiming your EasyLogin account).

Simply supply a personal email address and/or telephone number capable of receiving texts. 

If you provide a personal email address, an email will be sent to that address.   Make sure you find that email and follow the prompts to finish the email setup.

If you provide a cellphone number, you will immediately be prompted to provide the code texted to that phone number.   provide the code to setup that phone number as a valid authentication source.

It's that simple.

However if at first, you receive a can not log in message, please try clearing your cache & cookies for all time and try again.  

For those of us using Chromebooks or have a computer running Chrome OS:  Use the New Private Window or New Incognito Window option from your Settings/Other Application/Customize&Control menu (located in the upper right hand corner of your browser window).

MFA - Setup OKTA Verify App on Personal Device

MFA - Setup OKTA Verify App Using Code, not QR Scan

MFA - Setup SMS Authentication (TEXT)

MFA - Setup Voice Call Authentication (Landline)

MFA - Setup Security Key

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