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IT: Welcome

Student Focused IT Helpdesk WebPages

Hello & Welcome

The MCC IT Helpdesk is a resource for all MCC students, faculty and staff for technology-related problems, questions or suggestions.

Official Helpdesk Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Minimum Computer Specifications by Program

Helpdesk Contact

Submit a ticket via Email:

By Telephone:   (603) 206-8080

Visit the Helpdesk located in the Library/Learning Commons or across from the Bursar's Counter in the HUB.

Submitting tickets using your CCSNH email?

Log in using your EasyLogin credentials (username & password) to view your ticket history.

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Related CCSNH and MCC Policies

From the CCSNH Website

Included with the System Policies; Section 500; Facilities Policies, Policy #562.07 and #562.06 respectively.

From the MCC Shared Drive G; Policies & Procedures Folder

OKTA EasyLogin Change - HAPPENING ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

On September 22nd around 9:30am, CCSNH will upgrade their single sign-on authentication services which will make future password changes and password resets simpler & faster.

Everyone will be prompted to complete this quick, one-time registration process when logging onto Canvas, SIS, CCSNH email, Student Navigate or any other CCSNH/MCC Application which uses EasyLogin. 

Simply supply a personal email address and/or telephone number capable of receiving texts.   Then check your personal email account to confirm email address and/or find & supply code received by text.

It's that simple.

However if at first, you receive a can not log in message, please try clearing your cache & cookies for all time and try again.  

For those of us using Chromebooks or have a computer running Chrome OS:  Use the New Private Window or New Incognito Window option from your Settings/Other Application/Customize&Control menu (located in the upper right hand corner of your browser window).

Claiming Your EasyLogin Account

All new students who submitted an Admissions application and were accepted to MCC within the past 24 hours or who have registered for a class for the first time will have an EasyLogin account automatically created for them.

All students are notified how to claim their EasyLogin account by an email sent to their personal email address.  The email is sent from the email address of and has the Subject of Welcome to CCSNH.

To Claim an EasyLogin Account, students who received the Welcome Email can

  • Find their EasyLogin Username within the email and then click on the activation URL embedded in that email.
  • Select IT Helpdesk from the Quick Links dropdown menu on the website; scroll down to the section Claiming Your EasyLogin Account and follow the directions.
  • Select the Current Students option from the Resources For dropdown menu on the website; scroll down to the second section Student Online Services and select the option Reset Your Password. 

If a student never received a Welcome Email and doesn’t know their EasyLogin Username already, then they should do one of the following….

  • Open a Helpdesk ticket by sending an email to
  • Call the Helpdesk at 603-206-8080 and request assistance.
  • Visit one of MCC Helpdesks.  One is located in the Library/Learning Commons and the other is the HUB, across from the Bursar’s counter.


Go to the EasyLogin Portal.

Click on the Reset Password link.  Provide your EasyLogin username and click on Continue.

 Identify which personal email address you wish to have your verification code sent to.

Access that personal email account, find the verification code and enter it on the EasyLogin password reset screen. 

If you don't receive the email within a minutes, make sure to check your spam and trash folders for emails ending in

You can then create a new password.  It must be 14 characters in length - letters, numbers, special characters (anything other than a space is permitted).   Paraphrases are also permitted such as "welearntogether" or "wintersnowmakesmehappy".


A sample of the Welcome to CCSNH is below.


If you do NOT receive the CCSNH email, please contact the MCC Helpdesk at  Or you can call the Helpdesk at (603) 206-8080.

The following is a handy 2 page summary guide to help students get connected at MCC.  Claim your EasyLogin account and access all the other applications and services offered by MCC to students.


Forgot Your Password? Password Expired?

Forgot your EasyLogin Password?  Maybe your EasyLogin Password has EXPIRED?

Have you completed the OKTA Authentication process?

        If so then the Canvas or SIS login page, click on the Need Help Signing In? link located just below the Sign In Button.

        Then click on the Forgot Password? link and follow the prompts to reset your password.

If you haven't completed the OKTA Authentication process or you bypassed this process, then go to the EasyLogin Portal at

Try logging on with your old password (if you remember) OR click on the Reset Password link. 

  • Provide your EasyLogin Username and Domain = Students. 
  • Identify confirmation method -  Security Questions or Email Verification. - whichever you setup when you first claimed your EasyLogin account. 
  • Complete the steps and setup a new password.

If unsuccessful, then please contact the MCC Helpdesk by email - by phone - (603) 206-8080 to request assistance.

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