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The MCC Library supports teaching and learning and helps students succeed in college, careers, and life. Online library resources are available 24/7.

Librarians are still here for you!

Classes might not be on campus, but we are still a community! Check out our conversation board or connect with us on social media.

Check out our Well-Being In Stressful Times guide (includes activities for all ages). Scroll down for virtual therapy pets or follow us on Instagram. Want more pleasure reading options, audio books, or streaming videos? Get a free Manchester City Library card. See instructions here

Faculty, book a Zoom research session with your class. Use our OERs Toolkit or ask us to help find course materials.  

Students, book an appointment for library research help or try our NEW Research Help Videos & PDF with screenshots. 

Everyone, empower yourself with our new pop-up info lit mini course, Recognizing COVID-19 Misinformation

Community Conversation Board

Just starting your research?

Try these sources.

Citing & avoiding plagiarism

Noodle Tools

NoodleTools is a citation management program that can help you manage your citations, organize your notes, and create your Works Cited or References page. Sign in to NoodleTools or check out the NoodleTools Help Desk for more information. To sign in to NoodleTools use your student email address and password. Your email address is your EasyLogin username followed by 

Course Materials & OERs

Students, to see whether we have your course materials, search eBooks or use the MCC OneSearch box on this page to find articles. If your course is using open educational resources (OERs), there should be a link or readings in your Canvas course. If you need help, ask us! Want to know more about OERs? Visit the Open Textbook Alliance.

Faculty, consult MCC Library's Open Educational Resources (OERs) toolkit to learn how to adopt/adapt OERs instead of expensive textbooks. Want to connect with others who are using OERs and open pedagogy? Join or start a discussion at NH Open, and email to join MCC's Open Community of Practice conversations.

MCC Library OneSearch

Find Books, eBooks + Articles


Choose just a few keywords such as GMO and food to express the main concepts of your research. Learn more about keywords.

MCC Librarians created a series of online guides to help you find, evaluate and use library and other resources.

Most popular guides:

MCC Library provides eBooks and print books to students, faculty and staff. Ask a librarian for help finding what you need.

With our Interlibrary loan service, we can also get books from other libraries. See the last tab on this box for more information.

MCC Library provides access to dozens of databases that contain journal articles, news articles, reports, research and more. If you need help searching for what you need, ask a librarian or see the Getting Started with Research guide.

Check if the MCC Library has access to a specific publication. Also, browse publications in a given subject area.

Search for Available Journals, Magazines and Newspapers
Are you looking for articles?  Do your search in the Library databases.

MCC Library can get articles or books from other libraries. It is easy and free!

If you find an article by searching in MCC Library databases and you see the above message in your search results, click on it to open a form that has the publication information already completed. All we will need is your contact information.


if you find a book, DVD, or article somewhere else, please complete the MCC Interlibrary Loan request form. Never pay for full text on a website -- your library can request it for free.  Watch our screencast to learn more. 

Whichever form you complete, we will request the materials from the other library and contact you when they arrive at MCC. Read more.


Access magazines 24/7. Click below, or download the Flipster App.

Browse the full collection of magazine titles

Need an advisor or tutor?

Need an advisor? See the PDF below, or open a chat with Advising or other student services on the current students webpage.                      

Need a tutor? You can still reserve a time in Navigate and "see" a tutor virtually. Also, try SmartThinking Online Tutoring in any Canvas course, our new Self-Study DIY Tutoring guide, the PDF below, and online learning resources and support

Virtual Therapy Pets! See our pet coworkers on Instagram!

Painted poster that says
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A calico and white cat sleeping on a blue blanket.

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