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ENGL 110 - College Composition I - 2017/2018: Start

New this Spring!

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Your Integrated Research Essay

The English 110 Research Guide was designed to help students find the information necessary to build toward the course’s Integrated Research Essay. As a core part of the course, students will examine ONE TOPIC the entire semester. The topic must be contemporary (actively debated) and controversial (more than one-sided). Instructors will help guide students in topic choice.

In this guide you will find resources for each of the 4 components of the research project, including resources for:

  • Explaining the Conflict (Context)
  • Examining the Two Main Sides (Comparison)
  • Assessing the Possible Effects (Consequence)
  • Proposing a Solution (Compromise)

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Picking Your Topic IS Research! (3:11)

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