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About the Library: Tutoring

Free In-person Tutoring @ MCC

Free tutoring is provided for MCC students in several subject areas including: math, accounting, English composition, English language leaning, writing help in any course, A&P I & II, chemistry, biology, physics, microbiology, pharmacology, and Microsoft computer applications. 

Read more about tutoring and get a current schedule on the Academic Success Center’s website

Please contact Sara Ackerson at (603) 206-8143 or if you have any questions about tutoring.

Tutor and students

How Do Tutors Help?

Tutors can help you with these things and more:

  • brainstorming ideas for a piece of writing
  • moving past writer's block
  • solving specific writing problems
  • receiving objective feedback
  • getting help with citations
  • becoming comfortable with the mechanics of English grammar

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