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About the Library: Study Spaces

Types of Study Spaces

To meet the diverse needs of our community of learners, the Learning Commons offers a variety of study spaces:
1) Conversational 
  • Conversation noise is expected.
  • This area includes primarily the front half of the library:
    1. Library Service desk
    2. Computer stations
    3. Lounge seating & "Think Tank" tables
    4. Tutoring area
    5. The library classroom/lab
2) Quiet (but not silent)
  • Only low-level talking is permitted.
  • Cell phones should be set to silent; leave the area to speak on the phone.
  • This area includes primarily the back half of the library:
    1. Study tables
    2. Individual study carrels and seating
    3. Book stacks
3) Silent Study Room
  • No talking, please.
  • Area is intended to serve as silent, individual study space.
  • Cell phones should be set to silent; leave the area to speak on the phone.
4) Group Study Rooms
  • Located in the front and the back of the library.
  • Monitors can be connected to laptop.
  • Include white boards (markers may be borrowed at the Library Services desk)
  • Great for louder groups to work together on projects, presentations, etc.
  • Groups are prioritized but individuals can use these if they are available.
5) Family Study Room
  • This room is for our student parents/guardians and their children.
  • Students accompanied by their children have priority, and other users may be asked to leave in the case of a family request
  • Children must be accompanied and supervised at all times.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for their children's safety and behavior.

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