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About the Library: Well-Being, Multi-Faith, and Sensory Center

Welcome to the Well-Being, Multi-Faith, and Sensory Center

The MCC Well-Being, Multi-Faith, and Sensory Center, located in the Learning Commons, aims to provide a calming and inclusive space designed to meet the diverse needs of our community. The core focus of the room is to provide an environment for well-being, multi-faith practices, meditation, and reflection. The room can also be used for private wellness and counseling sessions. The room is designed to create a grounding, comforting environment, and is equipped with a “sensory station” to support students’ multi-sensory needs.

In this room you will find: prayer/meditation mats, lamps to provide soft lighting, white noise/sound machine, relaxing nature images on the walls, comfortable chairs to sit in, floor cushions, and a sensory station including fidget toys.

rocks on water, well-being, multi-faith & sensory center

A calm space for meditation, multi-faith practices, quiet reflection, private wellness sessions, or when you're feeling overwhelmed.



  • This is a shared space and may not be available when in use by others. Please treat each other with kindness and respect.
  • Please be mindful of the amount of time you are using the room. Priority of the room goes toward the core uses of: multifaith practices, meditation, quiet reflection, and private wellness sessions. Users may be asked to relocate if they are using it for another purpose and someone requests it for one of these core uses. Please ask library staff if you need assistance.
  • If you need to use the room privately and the room is available, you may request a Do Not Disturb sign from the library staff, for a limited time period.
  • No shoes on the prayer/meditation rugs.
  • No food in the room.
  • When finished, return items and restore the room as it was found.

Images of the Space

room with comfortable chairs, nature images

Welcome to the Well-Being, Multi-Faith, and Sensory Center!

Room with comfortable chairs and lighting

Comfortable seating, calming nature images, soothing light options.

prayer meditation rugs

Prayer/meditation rugs and bin for shoes.

sensory station

Tools for any sensory processing needs.

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