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About the Library: Anatomy Models

Anatomy Models in the MCC Library

The Library offers students access to a variety of anatomy models.

  • Models must be used in the Learning Commons only.
  • Models are located to the right of the Library Services Desk.
  • Students can borrow and return models without asking a Librarian.
  • Models include a labeled key. Ask a Librarian if you are unable to locate the key.

Please return models assembled, clean, and without missing parts.

  • animal cell
  • brain
  • circulatory system
  • ear
  • endocrine system
  • eye
  • heart
  • human motor neuron
  • lungs with heart, diaphram, and larynx
  • "Maroon Man" - muscles, organs, male and female reproductive parts
  • muscle man
  • muscles - leg and arm
  • right kidney, nephron, and corpsucle of kidney
  • skeleton - dissembled parts in box
  • skeleton - 35-inch functional scale, hanging
  • spine
Ear diagram

plastic model of animal cell on shelf

Our newest model is of an animal cell.

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