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About the Library: Tutoring

How Do Tutors Help?

Tutors can help you with these things and more:

  • brainstorming ideas for a piece of writing
  • moving past writer's block
  • solving specific writing problems
  • receiving objective feedback
  • getting help with citations
  • becoming comfortable with the mechanics of English grammar

Free In-person Tutoring at MCC

The MCC Academic Success Center offers free tutoring for students. Tutoring is provided by appointment for subjects including math, accounting, English composition and English language learning. Tutoring is available Monday - Friday (hours vary) and on Saturday 9am-2pm in the Library/Learning Commons.

Read more about tutoring and get a current schedule on the college website.

If you have questions about on-campus tutoring, please contact:

 the Academic Success Center (603) 206-8140 or

 Patricia Bedford

Free Online Tutoring


Free online tutoring is available to all students 24/7. With this service—called Smarthinking— you work with tutors via chat or have them review papers that you submit to them.

It's all free.

You need to log in to Canvas to access online tutoring. In fact, once you are logged in to Canvas, you are already logged in for Smarthinking. The link to Smarthinking is on the left navigation menu inside Canvas courses.

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