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Faculty Library Resources & Services: Information Literacy

All students are enrolled in Research Success, a free voluntary self-paced course in Canvas that takes about 2.5 hours to complete. You can find resources to help students learn and study more effectively in our Self-Study DIY Tutoring guide.

What do students think?

In Fall 2019* MCC Library began assessing students' sense of efficacy after library research instruction sessions using ACRL's Project Outcome. We use student feedback to inform our teaching practice, collaborate more effectively with faculty on course-based information literacy, and offer Library information literacy programming that meets students' needs. For example, after reviewing the Fall 2019 Project Outcome comments, we offered a workshop on using APA style, created a citation handout comparing APA and MLA, and placed citation information more prominently on the library website. 

Comments also help us notice what services and resources we already offer but students may not be aware of, which we take into account in our student and faculty outreach.

We review Project Outcome feedback on an ongoing basis, discussing the report at the end of each semester. During the 2020-2021 remote learning year, we had very few student responses, and worked with significantly fewer classes, so those reports are not included here. 

*Prior to Fall 2019 semester, librarians did surveys after instruction but only reviewed responses on a class by class basis.

What Is Info Lit?

Information literacy enables someone to seek and use information effectively to answer a question or solve a problem. It’s applicable to every degree and certificate at MCC, and it is a core learning outcome here. See the handout, above, to learn more about the Framework at MCC and to find student-friendly explanations for each frame, titled, "What it means for you."

In 2015, The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) released the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education to replace the information literacy standards published by the same organization in 2000. See more information about the ACRL Framework on their website.


The Information Literacy Framework frames are: Information Creation as a Process, Information Has Value, Research as Inquiry, Scholarship as Conversation, Searching Is Strategic, and Authority is Constructed and Contextual. 

The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy and the Six Major Frames. From: Burress, T., Clark, M., Hernandez, S., & Myhill, N. (2015, June). Wikipedia: Teaching Metaliteracy in the Digital Landscape [poster]. Presented at the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition, San Francisco.

Faculty/Librarian Info Lit Collaboration

Both faculty and librarians provide information literacy instruction starting with MCC Essentials and continuing through the academic programs with integrated instruction as well as librarians visiting classes to offer instruction tailored to a research assignment. 

Please contact the library if you are interested in working with a librarian to create information literacy instruction for your course. We can come to your classroom or you can arrange to bring your class to the Library Instruction Lab (if available). We can also test an assignment to help you anticipate questions or challenges students may have when researching. 


Request Library Instruction

Request a librarian visit for your class. We can visit your classroom, do a live Zoom visit, and/or record instruction so you can share it with an asynchronous class or create an assignment around it. 

Teaching Tools on Citation & Plagiarism

Noodle Tools is fully integrated with Office365 – students and faculty can organize and share notes and citations with this research management platform.

Research Help Videos

During the spring 2020 semester we added Research Help Videos to many of our guides. You can use these in your classes, as well as other information about research basics in our Getting Started With Research guide.

Effective Research and Information Literacy Assignments and Texts

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