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Faculty Resources & Services: Links in Canvas courses

Link Directly to Library Resources in Canvas

Make use of some great content! Link to MCC Library's resources (article, books, databases, subject and course guides) in Canvas. Using library materials is generally acceptable under our subscription licenses -- see our Copyright & Fair Use page for more information. Ask an MCC Librarian for help at any time!

How To Link to ...

Articles in a Library Database | eBooks | Databases

How To

Link to MCC Library Subject and Course Guides

This one is super easy! Find a guide and copy the url into Canvas.



How To

Link to Articles from a Library Database

STEP 1: Persistent URLs (also known as Stable Links or Permalinks)

It's not quite as easy as doing a database search, finding a good article, and then pasting the URL into your course shell. Many of the library's subscription databases use session-specific IDs, which means that the URL that appears in the top bar above an article is not stable and you cannot cut and paste it into your course. Only a persistent URL leads a student back to the article.

Not to fear. The database vendors usually do provide stable, persistent URLs. Here is an example of a database article that offers a Permalink (stable, persisitent URL) in the right-hand column of tools, above Save.



Finally, if the database does not offer persistent linking, you can still link to the database main page, provide the citation information & have your students search on their own for the article. See "Databases" Section.


How To

Link to eBooks

You can link to one of our 150,000 subscription eBooks in the same way you link to database articles. The eBooks actually "live" in an EBSCO database.  Search or browse eBooks


example of eBook record with Permalink


Cut and paste the Permalink (persistent link/stable url) of a specific book into your course.

How To

Link to Library Databases

To link to a specific database:

1. Go to "A-Z Databases" page at

2. Right-click on the appropriate title

3. Select Copy Link Location in Firefox or Copy Shortcut in Internet Explorer

4. Go to Canvas and paste the link in a content area



Creating a library reading list in Canvas

You can now search library resources and create a reading list without leaving Canvas. You can watch a video tutorial on this tool or follow these instructions:

STEP 1: Open any module, click the +, and choose "External Tool" from the drop-down menu. 

You'll see two library choices. The first one, marked with a green arrow below, allows you to add a link to the library's website for your students.

The second one, beside the blue arrow below, opens the MCC Library OneSearch box (from our homepage) in your module. To create a reading list, select that choice and then "add item."

STEP 2: You'll see MCC Library reading lists listed in your module, and when you open it, you'll see a search box:

STEP 3: Search for articles or books, and when you see one you want click on the "Add to reading list" button below the article. 


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