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PHIL240: Ethics: OneSearch

What Is MCC Library OneSearch?

In the center of the MCC Library homepage is a powerful blue search box (see image below.) With it, you can cast "a wide net," searching all of our resources--print and digital, including eBooks--at once.

Library Onesearch graphic

Try a search yourself right here.


Finding Your Sources Later With Permalinks

Return to your search results with permalinks. Watch this video to learn how to keep track of what you've found so you can return to your research, or individual sources, at another time.


Using Limiters to Refine Your Results

Here are two common limiters found in OneSearch resultsOther databases have these limiters, although they may look slightly different or use different terms.

Refine Search example Once you run a search, these limiters and check boxes appear to the left of your results. Full text (the default) is already checked. Uncheck it to see additional results available from other libraries.

You can limit to peer-reviewed publications or to MCC print books or eBooks if you are interested ONLY in those formats.

Whatever the format, use the Publication Date slider tool to filter out older items.

What kind of information do you need?

Types of publications in searchMagazines and News sources will be different from academic (or scholarly) journals. They will be more up-to-date on events but will not discuss research. Academic journals will have articles about research but usually not about current events. Trade publications will focus on a particular field. Reviews are usually book reviews. For more on different types of publications, see Newspapers, Magazines, & Journals


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