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PHIL240: Ethics: Databases

MCC Library Databases

These databases contain many publications for your Ethics assignments. You can limit the results to articles from peer-reviewed journals. Depending on the database, you do this initially or when you refine your search results.

If you also limit your search to full-text articles, you will only see results for which the full-text is immediately available.

See search tips and techniques from MCC Librarians and contact us if you'd like help.

What Are Databases? (2:34)

Keywords Are Key!

moon with misty clouds in front

Image by RSvB is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

When you search in academic databases including MCC Library OneSearch, keywords give you the best search results. Next time you search, instead of typing in a long phrase such as "all the research that shows evidence to prove there's no life on the moon,"  try keywords.

A better search about lunar life would use keywords and look like this:

"life on the moon" and research

MCC Library eBook Databases

Our eBook collections together number more than 200,000 books.They are scholarly and multidisciplinary, including books on many topics. You can read eBooks online or download them to read offline.

There are also eBooks books in some of our other databases. To search all of MCC Library's eBook collections at the same time, use search MCC eBooks or search using MCC Library OneSearch on our homepage.

How to Read a Scholarly Article

You do not have to read every word of a scholarly article--especially at first. Start with the abstract, then scan the introduction. This 5 minute video outlines a strategy for reading scholarly articles.

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