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Career & Transfer Resources & Study Skills: Learning Success Tips -- Information Literacy & Learning Science

During the 2019-2020 academic year, MCC Library created emails featuring evidence-based tips that Peer Learning Success Mentors shared with all new liberal arts students to help them succeed. The tips focused on:

information literacy, the skills and habits that help a person find and use information to solve a problem or answer a question


learning science,  evidence-based information about how the brain receives, processes, stores, and retrieves information and what helps the brain do this better.

You can see all the tips by opening the links below. Whether you are new to college or newly returning, you'll find helpful ideas to help you succeed at MCC and beyond!

You can read the tips in any order.

grey kitten with orange question marks over its head
A hedgehog eating a slice of watermelon
Smiling seal with the words
Pug lookied worried with the words
Cat sticking tongue out with the word
Koala with a leaf in its mouth and the words
Cat in a bow tie asking
Puppy climbing a staircase with the words
Image of a cartoon boy wearing glasses releasing a butterfly with the words
Picture of a black and white cat sitting on a pile of books looking at a chalkboard math problem made of drawings of fish and bones.
Grumpy cat with the words
Hedgehog on an open book
Roaring tiger kitten.
Dog sleeping on its back with an open book on its belly.
Tabby cat with its paw under it's chin.
Sleeping kitten with the words
Image of Macaulay Culkin with his mouth open and hands on his cheeks and the words
Basset hound wearing glasses sitting in a chair holding with its paw on an open book and the words
Cat wearing a rainbow scarf around its head and neck and the words
Black and white cat reading an open book on a table with bookshelves in the background.
White dog with brown spots napping in an orange striped hammock.
Puffin taking a step forward with the words
Illustration of a person sitting in a bubble with a laptop and the words
A cat lying on its back on a piano bench with its head hanging over the edge and the words
Picture of baby yoda with the words
Bob Ross smiling in front of a mountain painting and the words
Dachsund dog with its nose in an open book.
Grey and white tabby cat lounging on an open binder notebook.
Brown bear sitting down and leaning against a wall in the sun with the words
One cat right side up, one upside down looking through fence rails side by side with the words

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