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BUS114 Management: Company + Industry Info

Company and Industry Information

You can search all company information at once by selecting Business Market Research Collection. Or, try Hoover's or Snapshots individually.  

Tips for Searching for Company and Industry Information

Here are some tips for searching Hoover's or Snapshots for information about companies or industries:

  • Choose Advanced Search
  • Put the company name in the field labelled Company/organization
  • You can also look up the NAICS code for the industry in which you are interested on the Advanced Search page.

    North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes classify organizations by industry. You can use them to find documents related to a particular industry.

Public or Private?

 If you aren't sure if a company is public or private, try a search in the US Security and Exchange Commission's tool called Edgar. Enter the company name. If you find reports in Edgar, the company is public.

How can you tell if a company is public or private? You may have to dig around. On a company website, see if there is a section called investor relations.  If so, see if there is information about the company stock. If the company trades its stock, it is public.



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