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Seed Library: Welcome

Welcome to the MCC Seed Library!

The MCC Library has a wide variety of seeds to grow edible plants, including vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Browse the collection in the Library Learning Commons and choose seeds to start growing.

Once you have chosen your seeds (up to 5 types), place them in an envelope and label them with the plant name and instructions. Each packet will have specific information about how to grow the plant. Please fill out the seed checkout form to help us keep track of usage and demand. Review the pages within this guide for growing tips. Start growing and enjoy!

Start Growing!

seed packets

Visit the Library Learning Commons to view and choose from a diverse variety of seeds, kindly donated by:

Borrowing Seeds

All are welcome to borrow from the MCC seed library.

Borrowing Instructions:

  1. Choose your seeds. Select up to 5 types of seeds. Take a blank envelope for each type ad add 4-5 for larger seeds (i.e. zucchini, beans) and a pinch for smaller ones (i.e. carrots, herbs).
  2. Copy directions. Copy down the directions on the seed packet. You'll need to know the planting depth, sun required, harvesting time, etc.
  3. Check out form. Fill out the form with your name and the seeds you checked out.
  4. Plant them! Take your seeds home, plant them, and enjoy!

We encourage you to save seeds from your harvest. See tips in Saving Seeds page of this guide.

Seed Library

Seed Library

Drop by the MCC Library to pick up free seeds to grow your own herbs and vegetables!

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