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BIOL 150/151 - Nutrition: Find Articles

Is the Source Scholarly?

The library's databases include popular publications like newspapers and magazines and scholarly (academic) and professional journals as well. What's the difference? The audience for a popular publication is the general public. The information may be excellent, and often is in the publications the library subscribes to. In fact, popular science publications often report on the reports and studies published in academic science publications. Check your assignment to see which kind of information sources you are required to use for your assignment. 

How can you tell if a source is popular or scholarly? Look at the title and description -- you might have to Google the magazine and check its homepage. Chances are if it is called a journal it is scholarly or professional. If you're still not sure, ask us

Peer Review in 3 Minutes (3:16)

Selected Peer-reviewed Journals

Below are links to selected peer-reviewed journals in Nutrition. See even more peer-reviewed journals. Check the box for peer-review journals.

How to Read a Scholarly Article

You do not have to read every word of a scholarly article--especially at first. Start with the abstract, then scan the introduction. This 5 minute video outlines a strategy for reading scholarly articles.

Online Databases

These databases contain popular and scholarly publications and should have information for your nutrition assignments. See also search tips and techniques or a complete list of library databases.

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