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Interlibrary Loan: What is Interlibrary Loan?

ILL Policy

Who may submit ILL requests?

  • Current MCCNH students, faculty, and staff are eligible to request materials through ILL.

What can be borrowed with ILL?

Books or DVDs can be requested through interlibrary loan from other CCSNH libraries, or libraries within the United States. You can search the CCSNH catalog, WorldCat, or simply fill out the MCC ILL request form with as much information about the item as you have. Note that items published in the last 6 months may be hard to obtain, but you can ask us, and we'll do our best! For the most part, other libraries won't lend textbooks, so it's very unlikely we could borrow one. 

Articles you find through OneSearch on our homepage or any of MCC Library 's databases or cited in articles and books you are reading can also be requested using the same form

MCC Library adheres to Copyright law and considers Fair Use when fulfilling ILL requests.

You can also click on the ILL link in your search results to request an item:

Request this item through Interlibrary loan button example

To see items available through interlibrary loan, you will need to uncheck "Full Text Available Now" in your search results.:

Limit to search option

How long will it take for materials to arrive from other libraries?

  • Short answer: Anywhere between 2 days (for digital items) and 2 weeks (for print materials).
  • Long answer: It really depends on where we obtain the materials and how they are sent to us. Articles arrive quickly because they can be emailed to us on your behalf will take less time than materials (e.g. books, and DVDs) that are sent through the U.S. mail.
  • On rare occasions we may not be able to obtain materials requested. But we will make every attempt to obtain exact or comparable materials.

How much does it cost?

  • NOTHING!  There are few things in life that are free, but this is one of them! Take advantage of it. The only exception is if you do not return an ILL book or DVD -- just as with our own materials, you will be billed for the replacement cost if physical items are not returned. 

Can I use ILL articles in my classes?

  • YES. Students can cite an ILL article in assignments, and faculty can share them as a course reading in Canvas or in the classroom. This is Fair Use, because you are teaching about the reading, and access to the material is limited to the students in your class.

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