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Manchester Community College COVID-19 Memory Project: Stories

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a life-changing event for all members of the Manchester Community College community and for the institution itself. Researchers now and in the future will want to know how we responded, what we thought, and what we did during this time. To help the MCC Library preserve this history, we have invited students, staff, faculty, and alumni to contribute their reflections on COVID-19’s impact. 

Along with our unique experiences, we have shared perspectives on topics that include: the shift to remote learning and teaching; being displaced from housing and workplaces; changes in how we study, work, and communicate; the effects of social distancing and self-isolation; job loss; homeschooling; and childcare challenges. 

Lindsay's Story

"While so thankful to be able to work from home, this was a stressful year of juggling children and work. So many competing needs, all from my kitchen table."

Woman with child on computer

Working from home with no childcare, 4/20/2020 Lindsay Conway with son Theron. Photo credit: Chloe Cataldo.


"Life has been very different. I miss eating out and going to fun places with my family and friends. Although it seems like the new normal, when I look back to 2019 and realize all of the stuff we could do, todays world seems so different. I haven't been to a movie theatre in such a long time. I haven't played hockey, or gone to Canobie Lake Park. The world is very different now."

Emily's Story

"When I think about Covid-19, I estimate the probability that it has negatively affected every human on this planet in one way or another. I decided about a year ago that I was not going to let it negatively affect me and my family anymore than it already has. A newly unemployed, resourceful, independent, single mother of three remotely educated children. A pandemic could not stop my progress. I told this pandemic to kick rocks and took every opportunity for growth I could find. Enrolled myself in college and here I am, half way to a degree."

Nichole's Story

"Money’s been tight sometimes I’m not sure I’ll be able to pay for classes as well as doing school work and juggling 2 kids at home because daycares are full and not safe and schools are remote."

Susan's Story

"In the beginning it was very difficult as we were forced to stay at home as much as possible, and it took several months before we were allowed to do customary things like grocery shopping and other essential errands, but, as time went on, we were given a little more freedom and that made it a lot easier. I do not have school-aged children living at home, so I was spared that hardship, but I very much sympathize with my friends who had to leave their jobs to stay home and educate their children with no prior experience in doing so. A lot more has opened up to us, but wearing a mask and social distancing is still hard to do as I miss being affectionate and loving with my family."

Sergio's Story

"I know that in most ways, I’m fairly privileged in regards to this pandemic. I’m young and reasonably healthy, as is my mom. I don't have at risk of serious illness. Still, I'm staying home and practicing social distancing because I’m not a horrible person!! While myself and most college students are physically going to be fine, this has been an awful few weeks mentally. I want to close this kind of bleak answer by [thanking] educators for everything they’re doing!"

Angelina's Story

"I would say the biggest impact is the fact we are told we shouldn't see family. With our grandparents getting older, it's been hard to spend time away from them."

Ana-Maria's Story

"All I have to say is that Covid has been a blessing in disguise, before Covid I had a job but, my life was not going anywhere. Thanks to Covid and my wonderful husband I get to attend college online and prepare for my future. I am so grateful that my loved ones and myself have not gotten infected with the Covid 19 virus."

Woman on computer

Doing homework during quarantine. 

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