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ENGL 110/110x - College Composition I - 2020/2021: Starting Your Research

This is not a secret: all of us look for information on the internet. Sometimes it's the best place to search.

For your MCC work, however, you will frequently also need scholarly resources. Google has some scholarly content mixed in with a lot of websites and commercial content. The MCC Library has specialized collections (databases) of publications so you won't have to weed out so many unsuitable results. You will also get tools for fine tuning and even citing your results.

Decide first what kind of information you need at this stage of your essay. On this page you will find examples of resources that provide background information and news.

Background Information

If you are just getting started, you'll want to understand the context of your topic or research question. The resources below can help. You can also explore them and those in the Perspectives, News and Current Events box to help choose what to research and write about.

Looking for basic facts?

Looking for more in-depth background information?

Looking for data and statistics?

What Are Databases?

Perspectives, News and Current Events

Note: Points of View provides Point and Counterpoint sections, useful when you need multiple perspectives on an issue. You can also try Credo's Pro/Con feature

"Issues" databases:

News databases:

MCC Library OneSearch

With MCC Library OneSearch, the search box on the library homepage, you can search multiple databases--containing background information, news and scholarly articles--even eBooks--at the same time. Another way to search is to choose a single database, such as one of those featured on this page. See more about searching in OneSearch. 

To limit to news or magazine sources, look for and select these choices in database search results:


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