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ENGL 110 - College Composition I - 2017/2018: Context

Find Out

What information or background do readers need to understand the conflict or controversy? What are the two main sides?

English 110 Poll

What Is Your Biggest Challenge?
getting started: 54 votes (26.21%)
spelling + grammar: 7 votes (3.4%)
finding good sources: 79 votes (38.35%)
citing sources: 22 votes (10.68%)
writing enough: 39 votes (18.93%)
paraphrasing: 5 votes (2.43%)
Total Votes: 206

Resources for Information Gathering

Explore your topic using the resources below. Some of these are MCC Library databases and will require your Easy LogIn to access if you are off campus or on MCC's wireless network.

Using Encyclopedias for Research (1:56)

Note: This video has no narration, only theme music. It can be watched without audio.

CREDO Basic Search video (2:47)

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Is Wikipedia a Credible Source? (1:49)

Wikipedia can provide useful terminology and links to other useful sources or websites.

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